Hackathon #1

Munich, 25. January 2020

Join the first Hackathon of the newly founded Munich Roboholics e.V.
We are a student club with the mission to participate in the robocup.

At our first Hackathon we start off with introduction and a ROS and Robotics Tutorial at 4:30 pm the 25th January 2020. Here you get to learn the basics of robotics and the principals of the Robotic Operation System (ROS). Advanced people can already take a look at the hardware we provide.

At ca. 6:30 pm we start our three hackathon tracks which tackle the problems of the Robocup@home tournament:

1. Computer Vision:
How can you detect, recognize and track the same human efficiently.
For this we have different RGBD camera and more.

2. Natural Language processing:
How can you recognize speech and understand orders and information?
Here we provide you with microphone arrays.

3. Navigation:
How can you navigate and map a domestic environment and avoid its obstacles?
Here you will use our mobile platform and lidar.

Finally, we will present the outcome at a demonstration at 5 pm the following day

Are you interested? Then please register here:

Else just bring a computer and good mood
Happy to see you
Munich Robohlics e.V.

Further Information following on our webpage and fb event.


Link for Hackathon-HowTo Page (password revealed at event):