Why do we tackle the @Home League

The Robocup @Home league brings robotics into the domestic environment. The ultimate goal is to develop a general purpose robot which can help in every household or gastronomy situation.
In context of increasing age of our worlds population the demand for domestic help is rising.
We also choose the @Home League because 2 of our team members already participated in this league at Robocup 2017 in Nagoya.
Here is a official documentary of the league:

Our robot

Our goal is to develop our own general purpose service robot. But Since we just started the club we took the idea for the first iteration of robots came from a team who also participated at Robocup 2017 the Happy Mini. With their simplistic hardware approach they still managed to score well in points.

Hence with this in mind our current robot consist currently of following Hardware:

  • A turtlebot 3 base with lidar
  • A Microsoft Kinect RGBD camera
  • A Rhode dircetional microphone
  • A simplistic self made grasper and 4 DOF arm (under construction)

Picture of the robot following soon …

Our Software

We develop our software in a ROS framework. All Our code will be published underthis git organisation -> https://github.com/robomuc

For more desciption about our software go to our Software page

Our Team

Currently all our club members participate for the robocup project which will be portrayed on this page.